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NovaGlobal had provided consultation and successfully built a Bioscience HPCC (High Performance Computing Cluster) for a local research institute that focuses primarily on understanding cellular mechanisms that underlie the development and physiology of plants, fungi and animals

The system comprises primarily of IBM large memory SMPs, IBM Storage and more than 50 Open Source applications. One of the key applications that have successfully been integrated to the HPC cluster is the CLC Genomics Server. Analyses are done from the CLC Genomics Workbench client installed at the workstation and connected to the CLC Genomics Server on the cluster, utilizing the cluster ... read more


The Centre for Information and Communication Technology – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has provided us the resources to access the Malaysia Research and Education Network through the generic-purpose science gateway portal developed from the SCI-BUS project.

Some details are as follows:

Portal homepage: http://scibus.cict.utm.my
Portal Framework: WS-PGRADE/gUSE version 3.5.5
Programming API: ASM 3.4
Operating System: Scientific Linux 6.2
Grid Middleware: EMI Middleware UI version 2.0
Applications: Autodock4, AMBER, NWChem, GROMACS, FastDNAml, Phase, Clustalw-MPI, BLAST, Muscle, OpenFOAM, Blender, Multidendrograms, PROSPECT, NAMD, Glimmer

APRIL 2013: NVG GEN 2 BioPortal

NovaGlobal has successfully completed a HPC Bioportal project with a university in Malaysia. The HPC Bioportal is a grid portal providing the web interface with Torque as the resource manager to access the bio-applications. It is running on the grid framework (Gridsphere) and developed by Java, JSP and JavaScript. Each application’s GUI is developed as a portlet on Portal.

The authenticating and authorization are controlled via Centralized Authentication System (LDAP) account. After the user logs on to the portal with the correct LDAP username and password, he or she is able to proceed using the applications without further authentication.

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AUGUST 2012: A*OneStore Cloud Storage Solution

Novaglobal Private Ltd announced the immediate availability of its turnkey Storage-as-a-Service, A*OneStore Cloud Storage solution.

The simple “Sync & Share” secured storage solution enables users to backup, access, manage and share files from anywhere at any time. It is easy as DropBox, the popular cloud storage offering, with a more transparent and open architecture.

For entry-level promotional package:


NVG Scientific Sdn Bhd is a strong supporter of the National Grid Computing Initiative (NGCI) Malaysia. The company has been appointed as the technical consultant and to provide trainings for both the users and system administrators.

This initiative will initiate the academic-industry collaboration that brings both Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) operator and NVG Scientific to another level of experience. NVG Scientific also offers industrial training opportunities to students from universities/institutions as transfer-of-knowledge contribution to the NGCI communities. This is also to support the universities/institutions' mission to produce high quality human capital, ready to be absorbed by the industry.

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