About Us

NovaGlobal Pte Ltd is a well-established ASEAN company delivering comprehensive AI, HPC & Cloud solutions to companies and research institutions in the region. We partner with leading technology companies including Adaptive Computing, ASUS, Bright Computing, DELL, IBM, Leadtek, IGUAZIO, Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA in delivering cutting edge technologies for scientific computing.

As a leader in Cloud Native Computing, we collaborate with early adopters to deploy Kubernetes (K8s) – an open-source system for automating deployments, as well as scaling and managing of AI and scientific applications. NovaGlobal works actively to address opportunities in areas such as AI/DL/ML, HPC, VR/AR/MR, metaverse and computational sciences.

NovaGlobal’s capabilities and expertise span the following areas:

  • Design & build complete Linux infrastructures and solutions for AI and HPC systems to support technical & scientific applications.
  • Deploy cloud-native Kubernetes & Containers
  • Support NVIDIA GP-CPU for AI/DL/ML
  • Consultation on Automated Workflow and Application Web Portal for scientific applications
  • Training, consultation and code development for CUDA, Python & C++
  • Services and support for Linux systems


Brief History

NovaGlobal was formally established in 1996. Our first product, the AlphaSTORM line of high-performance workstation and server systems, are based on the 64-bit Alpha CPU architecture and had substantial success in both academic & research communities. Including important wins among local 3-D engineering (CAD) and multimedia rendering users. Our customised, embedded Alpha configurations also found their way to overseas research deployment.

NovaGlobal is one of the earliest companies to deploy a Beowulf cluster in Singapore way back in September 1997, with the Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology (IMCB) being its first customer. The HPC Cluster was for supporting the sequencing and annotating of the famed fugu fish genome. We  had the honour of delivering and installing the first HPC Quadrics Interconnects for CNIC (Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences) through Legend Computer of Beijing (aka Lenovo). It is the first system for the China National Grid Project, comprising of 256 node (1024 CPU) Itanium2-Quadrics-Linux (Intel IA64) cluster with a theoretical Linpak performance of 5TeraFlop (The Linpack efficiency topped 82% and the cluster listed at #12 on the 2003 Top 500 List).

Progressing into software businesses to include solutions designed around Open-Source software, services and technical support, we embraced cutting edge commercial software such as IBM GPFS, Accelrys suite, Pathscale and Intel Software. In continual with its pioneering spirit, Novaglobal is an early adopter of the recent fast emerging Cloud Native technology.