10 Jun


Figure 1: AI + RV / Visualizing Deep Learning Results on vGTD Platform with Laptop

Novaglobal is delivering a vGPU Training & Development Platform solution based on NVIDIA Tesla T4, Virtual GPU (vGPU) and NVDOCKER supported with NVIDIA GPU CLOUD (NGC). The platform will focus on providing GPU readied solutions for:

  1. AI / Deep Learning
  2. HPC Applications
  3. 3D Remote Visualization
  4. Digital Rendering / VR

Key benefits of system:

  1. Open Source solution except for NVIDIA vGPU licences
  2. Support for up to 32 vGPU instances concurrently
  3. With vGPU template, VM can be built up to support DL teaching environment very quickly
  4. Support all major DL frameworks
  5. Support Windows & various flavours of Linux.
  6. Does not require VDI. GUI/RV is built-in with VM.
  7. Supported with DOCKER/NVDOCKER for fast deployment
  8. Integrated to NVIDIA GPU CLOUD (NGC)

Hardware Requirements:

  • ASUS 4U ESC8000 G4 GPU Server
  • Dual Intel CPU
  • 384GB System RAM
  • 4 x SSD
  • 8 x NVIDIA Tesla T4

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