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March 2012: NUS-HPC

One of the pioneer HPC Cloud Services for the region went live for a local university in Singapore. The system boasts of more than 200 servers. The technology is driven by Adaptive Computing Inc. and Novaglobal is proud to be the system integrator for the project.

The HPC Cloud delivers the following capabilities:
• User Self-service Portal
• On-demand physical machine provisioning
• On-demand HPC Cluster provisioning
• On-demand multi-OS provisioning
• Pay-for-use chargeback

The university can now provide and deliver HPC resources to community partners and researches without their own HPC systems more effectively. The on-demand HPC resource provisioning enables:

• Better use of researcher's time by focusing more on research work then the routine operational chores
• More competition and agility with the on-demand and dynamic scaling of resources
• More application and software that can be made available to research community with software and cost-sharing
• Better power and cooling management