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JUNE 2010: Second Phase Expansion to Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) HPCC

NovaGlobal successfully executed the second phase expansion to the NWD HPCC for a weather forecasting research unit in NTU. The latest expansion includes an IBM BladeCenter H consisting of six LS22 Blades shod with the latest AMD Shanghai range of six-core processors; and QDR Infiniband.

APRIL 2010: Digital Media Rendering As A Service

NovaGlobal has successfully achieved yet another milestone in completing a Digital Media Rendering as a Service project for a government-owned institution in Malaysia


MSC Malaysia, formerly known as the Multimedia Super Corridor, is Malaysia’s most exciting initiative for the global information and communication technology (ICT) industry. This particular institution within MSC Malaysia is dedicated to becoming the preferred location for ICT and multimedia innovations, operations and services. Its facility center is to promote Malaysia’s creative industry onto the global stage, by developing local talents, providing shared facilities, production funding and creative awareness.

FEB 2010: 300-node Hybrid HPCC for Singapore's Local University

NovaGlobal has successfully completed the commissioning of a 300-node Hybrid HPCC for a university in Singapore. The system is based on IBM System x iDataPlex, powered by Intel X5570 Nehalem processors. Besides 300 nodes of iDataPlex computational servers, the water-cooled system includes the IBM System X x3950 8-way SMP System; IBM System P p550 SMP System; the high-speed Infiniband Inter-node (Voltaire ISR4700 Quad Data Rate switch). Along with the hardware configuration, NovaGlobal also provided services to install and configure the software needed such as IBM GPFS, MOAB Adaptive HPC, xCAT, Torque and CENTRIFY. The system is capable of supporting both ... read more

OCT 2009: HPC BioPortal for Singapore's Local University

NovaGlobal has successfully completed a HPC Bioportal project with a university in Singapore. The HPC Bioportal is a grid portal providing the web interface with background LSF access to run the bio-applications. It is running on the grid framework (Gridsphere) and developed by Java, JSP and JavaScript. Each application web GUI is developed as a portlet on Portal.

The authenticating and authorization are controlled via the university's SVU (Active Directory) account. The portal can be accessed from outside but user needs to key in correct SVU username and password. The users can use all applications without further authentication after ... read more


Novaglobal achieved yet another new milestone in successfully compiling, installing and testing a derived version of the proven Princeton Ocean Model (POM) for a local research outfit. The application resides on an IBM Intel HS21 Blade Linux HPC Cluster. Completion of the project places the company in the forefront as a professional service provider for Meteorological and Ocean Modeling installations.

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