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NovaGlobal had successfully completed an end-to-end turnkey HPCC solution for Monash University in Malaysia. The facility would enable the university to support local research efforts more efficiently. The plan is to support a broad spectrum of research initiatives ranging from fundamental natural and social sciences, numerous engineering applications, to multidisciplinary research.

Key components of the infrastructure comprise of IBM Flex Systems, v3700 Storage and GPFS (General Parallel File System). The system was deployed and managed with IBM Platform HPC. Scientific applications supported include Fluent, Comsol, Octave, Mathematica, Matlab, Openfoam & R.

DEC 2014: IBM Infosphere BigInsights infrastructure Installation

NovaGlobal has commissioned a big data platform based on IBM Infosphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition for a regional government agency. The infrastructure was deployed to support realtime ingesting, processing, analysing and managing large volume of data collected from the social media.

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition provides big data analytics capabilities on an enterprise platform. It combines open source Apache Hadoop with enterprise functionality and integration to deliver large-scale analysis with built-in resiliency and fault tolerance. BigInsights makes it simpler for Hadoop to get value out of big data and building big data applications.


Novaglobal announces the immediate availability of the A*OnePortal Scientific Gateway Portal designed for easy access to Grid computing infrastructures and High Performance Computing Clusters (HPCC). The next generation portal is generic and is able to host many different scientific applications. The first product launched by Novaglobal is a Computational Chemistry & Biology Suite comprising of Autodock4, AMBER, NWChem, GROMACS and others.

Development on the portal is accomplished using gUSE/WS-PGRADE which is a web-based generic purpose and workflow-oriented framework. The framework helps to accelerate application portlet development and is also able to address complex simulation workflow scenarios.

SEPTEMBER 2013: Integrated Rule-Oriented Data-management System (iRODS)

iRODS is a community-driven, open source, data grid software solution. It helps researchers, archivists and others to manage (organize, share, protect, and preserve) large sets of computer files. Collections can range in size from moderate to a hundred million files or more, totaling to petabytes of data.

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